UE Quantum nanoélectronics

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Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


Introducing all the basic requirement top understand the quantum electron transport and quantum manipulation of electrons in nanostructures


  • 2DEG, nanofabrication, how to measure a current through a mesoscopic device, Experimental conditions

Flying electrons

  • From classical transport to mesoscopic transport
  • Quantized conductance : the effect of the confinement
  • Scattering theory : how to calculate a current flowing through a mesoscopic , general framework
  • Toy model : the quantum hall effect
  • Application of the scattering matrix theory in different examples
  • Interference in mesoscopic physics for flying electrons
  • Introduction to topological matter

Confined electrons

  • Coulomb blockade phenomena
  • Application to charge detection and NEMS detection
  • Charge manipulation, level crossing, interference experiment with artificial atoms
  • What about spin of the electron?
  • Introduction to quantum computing

Recommended prerequisite

Basic knowledge in Quantum mechanics and in Solid state physics