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Course objectives:

Introduce students to urban studies research. Review secondary data gathering and analysis necessary to analyse a planning/urban issue. Explore relevant research tools in planning/urban policy analysis and evaluation. Relate qualitative and quantitative techniques to practical planning/urban issues. Develop written and oral presentation skills. Write a dissertation.

Course content

• Identifying and defining a planning/urban issue; discussion of the value of quantitative and qualitative data • Research philosophy and reflective practice • Observing and interpreting place • Data for planning and urban studies research; • Conducting literature reviews • Introduction to qualitative research • Interview and Participant Observation • Policy Analysis and Evaluation

Method of delivery 9 x 2 hours sessions + one 3 hours collective session at the end. In this session IDS students join the English speaking students of the Masters 2 program 'International Cooperation and Urban Planning'

Recommended prerequisite

Background in Social Sciences

Targeted skills

Learning outcomes
Identify, define and explain a planning/urban issue/question for a particular area.
Assess and determine what type of data and research techniques should be used to answer a specific question.
Know where/how to obtain the information.
Gather, produce and evaluate quantitative and/or qualitative data.
Analyse data and develop a range of alternative planning/policy responses to a specific urban issue.
Interpret and present your findings in an effective written, oral and visual way.
Appraise and justify your methods and analysis.
Submit a dissertation.