Master in Finance

Master in Finance

Advances in finance and accounting 2nd year

Presentation and goals

The "Advances in finance and accounting" (AFA) Professional + Research master's degree prepares you for careers in insurance, banking, corporate financial management, market finance and accounting or auditing firms. ˽ This program is also a stepping-stone toward a Doctoral degree leading to academic and research opportunities either in university based or public/private research organizations. ˽ This AFA master's degree provides a full English, high-level instruction in complementary fields such as financial markets, corporate finance, banking, insurance, auditing and accounting. Its specificity resides in providing in-depth fundamental notions in all of these areas together with advanced tools needed for analysis, treatment or modeling of finance, accounting and audit data.



Further information

  • An innovative "learning-by-doing" approach in which the students achieve a high level in finance and accounting through practice and research activites as part of structured learning process. The teaching environment, based on outstanding research and the newest scientific advances, allows students developing and using core research skills that are important in both the professionnal and academic world.
  • There is a strong involvement of students by the means of presentations prepared in group, participation in research work led by professors, or realization of a term paper which needs performing literature reviews to uncover new perspectives, putting forward a research problem that is of interest for the professional and academic world, analyzing financial and accounting databases, and presenting the results in a convincing and structured way.
  • High-level, full English instruction in complementary fields of study including market finance, corporate finance, banking, insurance, auditing and accounting.
  • Opportunity for acquiring in-depth tools needed for analysis, treatment and modeling of audit, accounting and finance data.
  • Partnerships with the doctoral Scool of Management Sciences (ESDG n° 275), the Center for Applied Management Research CERAG UMR CNRS 5820, one of the most important research center in management sciences in France, The European Institute for Financial Data (EUROFIDAI), and various other financial institutions such as Euronext and the Caisse des Dépôts. Thanks to theses partnerships some students also benefit from assistance with their internships.
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    Registration and scholarships

    Registration and scholarships

    Access condition

    French and European candidates should hold a university degree of 240 ECTS credits ˽ .For non-European candidates, a 4-year university degree minimum is required, and prior studies will be examined and approved by a university committee. A study validation form is available online with the course application form. ˽ Those for whom English is not their native language, or who have not been studying fully in English or living in an English speaking country for some (significant) time will need to demonstrate an advanced level of English. This can be done by providing a TOEIC, TOEFL, BULATS, IELTS, CLES, Cambridge Assessment English ou test Erasmus+ OLS score. Although it is not compulsory, a statement of purpose supporting your application (separate from your application form) is recommended. This statement should outline
    1/ why you are interested in this particular degree,
    2/ how this course would impact your future career and
    3/ what makes you stand out as a strong applicant.Speaking French is not required, as the program is taught solely in English, however we strongly recommend that you take a beginners class in French before coming to France to ease your everyday life. ˽ The admissions committee assesses the overall quality of application, your academic record (subjects taken, grade average; ranking in class), your statement of purpose (esp. mentions of motivations, prior work and international experience) as well as your references.

    To find out about the admission requirements, please consult our "apply" section directly on the Grenoble IAE website.

    Public continuing education: You are in charge of continuing education :
    • if you resume your studies after 2 years of interruption of studies,
    • or if you followed training under the continuous training regime one of the previous 2 years
    • or if you are an employee, job seeker, self-employed.If you do not have the diploma required to integrate the training, you can undertake a validation of personal and professional achievements (VAPP).

    Candidature / Application

    Access the "apply" section directly on the Grenoble IAE website.

    Target group

    Students possessing M1 or M2 degree in management, economics, mathematics, science, or engineering, and second or third year students from Grandes Ecoles of commerce or engineering are invited to apply.

    Depending on the number of available places, access to the Advances in Finance and Accounting Master's program is automatically conferred to students having obtained the necessary ECTS credits in the Master 1 program of Finance at Grenoble IAE.