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Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


Protocols and Networks architectures (18 h)

The need for communication between subsystems is a key issue in modern large-scale plants. This topic starts with the fundamental of networks topology, architecture design and communication. The students then become familiar with the network layers and IP technology, and, at the user level, implement interconnected networks, dynamic routing and programmable sockets.

Lesson Topic 
General points - low layers 
 From LAN to WAN, Network topology, Some properties of a transmission channel, Standardization - OSI model, Structured cabling.
 Cables, Structured wiring.
Ethernet LANS, MAC and LLC sub-layers 
 Ethernet Local Area networks, From hubs to switchs, Logical Link Control (LLC).
IP Technology 
 Internet protocol, ICMP, TCP and UDP -sockets - Routing and Dynamic routing 
DNS - Domain name service 
 DNS structure, Packet format
Lab 1 Interconnection networks 
Lab 2 Dynamic routing 
Lab 3 Programmable sockets 

 Communication labs (16 h)