UE Multimedia documents : automatic description and search

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How do I create a playlist automatically from a music database? How do I automatically find a mountain photo in its photo database? How do I automatically find an action movie that you might like from an action movie example? ... These issues relate to the problem of indexing multimedia documents, which is a growing problem in the industrial sector.
In this module, we will describe the processing chain implemented to undertake indexing. We will explain which elements of description can be extracted from a multimedia document, and how to use these descriptors to automatically search for the document. We will be interested in text, image, video, and sound. We will also discuss aspects of the quality assessment of the information retrieval system.

The 15 hours of practice assignments will be used to develop a complete automatic search chain of images in a database of examples.

Targeted skills

Being able to design and implement an indexing chain of a multimedia document: from the description of the document, to its automatic search in a database. The types of multimedia data we are interested in are text, image, video, and sound.