UE e-services for M2M and the internet of things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) now becomes a reality with the availability of low-cost communicating buried devices (RFID tags, wireless sensors, mobile telephony ...). The Internet of Things offers companies new opportunities for economic models (i.e. pay as you use), improving the quality of service to their customers (individuals or companies) and fulfilling their legal or contractual obligations. It is emerging as the new tool for efficiency (i.e. just-in-time) and productivity for e-agile businesses and organizations.

The necessary services are called Machine to Machine (M2M) because they are at the convergence of buried devices and information systems of enterprises via ubiquitous communication means. However, a large majority of M2M services are currently designed ad hoc, specifically addressing a sectoral domain (health, energy, agriculture, distribution, transport, ...). These M2M services are generally incompatible with each other and therefore do not allow cross-applications between sectors.

Operating systems and middleware for M2M play a crucial role in the rapid delivery and evolution of hardware infrastructures and flexible software suites tailored to the needs of businesses and organizations and their customers and the exploitation of the Internet of Things.

Recommended prerequisite

ECOM integration project, concepts and middleware, and Java language. Java and C programming languages ​​Operating systems..

Targeted skills

This Teaching Unit trains students in the main technologies allowing computer engineers to build and test infrastructure for M2M.

- understanding the technologies and constraints of sensors and actuators- mastering methods and technologies for the construction, integration, and deployment of communicating embedded systems in the information systems of enterprises necessary for the implementation of services Machine (M2M).

- mastering the Linux kernel configuration for embedded systems- understanding virtualization- understanding the constraints of embedded systems