UE Selected topic in continuum mechanics

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Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


  • Kinematics : Physical space ‐ frames ‐ continuous media ‐ deformation function ‐ Lagrange and Euler variables
  • Strains : Deformation gradient ‐ metric tensor ‐ Green deformation tensor ‐ small strains ‐ strain rate
  • Material derivative  and conservation laws
  • Mass conservation ‐ volume change ‐ balance of momentum
  • Stresses : Fundamental principle of dynamics ‐ Cauchy stress tensor‐equation of motion and boundary conditions ‐ Piola‐Kirchhoff stress tensors ‐ virtual power formulation ‐ linearization of equation of motion
  • Examples of formulations of problems of continuum mechanics
  • Frame invariance

Constitutive equations: Large elasticity ‐ elastoplasticity incremental constitutive equations, generalized continuous media, Non local, second grade, Cosserat and micromorphic continuum mechanics ‐ an introduction