UE Principles of instrumental analysis

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Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :



-       Principles of instrumentation

-       Signals and noise

-       Evaluation of analytical data


-       Introduction to spectroscopic methods

-       Components of optical instruments

-       UV-Vis-IR spectrometry

-       Fluorescence spectrometry

-       Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

-       Light scattering

-       Mass spectrometry


-       Introduction to electrochemical instruments

-       pH metry

-       Oxymetry

-       Conductimetry,


-       Introduction to separation methods and to hydrodynamic methods

-       Chromatography

-       Electrophoresis

-       Centrifugation


-       Introduction to equilibrium and kinetic measurements

-       Calorimetry

-       Surface Plasma Resonance

-       Filter binding assay


-       Synchrotron and neutron reactor

High throughput in biochemistry and structural biology