UE Meteorology: 1D and synoptic

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


In this course we will study the major processes which form the atmosphere's structure and dynamics. We will start with the vertical structure of the atmosphere and vertical distribution of the major characteristics of the atmosphere. Then we will consider idealistic "dry atmosphere" and will see to which extent this approximation holds in the real nature. After that we will turn to the real atmosphere in which the moisture plays a role of the "atmospheric fuel" steering many key physical processes. Using thermodynamics concept we will consider different characteristics of atmospheric moisture and will analyse the processes of change of the water phases in the atmosphere, including cloud formation and precipitation. Then we will analyse atmospheric vertical stability and associated consequences for the atmospheric statics and dynamics. In a synoptic forecasting tradition, these processes will be considered using the thermodynamic atmospheric diagrams. This will make you prepared for the first steps in operational weather analysis and forecasting. The course will be supplemented by several exercises and the practical work with the skew diagram.