UE Climate archives

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


This course deals with the wealth and specificity of the environmental archiving contained in ice cores. Required conditions for a good preservation of the archive and more importantly for a good dating of the cores are assessed. The conditions for a proper dating highly depends on the dynamical context (Alpine-type glacier or ice sheet, top or bottom regions within the ice ..) and leads to ice flow modeling issues. A whole range of models (from analytical approaches in case of domes  to more sophisticated numerial flow models elsewhere) is reviewed. A specific illustration is proposed under the form of the  computation of the age-depth relationship for the Dome Concordia core which, despite an analytical expression, already allows for very realistic results. The diversity of the ice recording is also presented (chemistry, isotopes, trapped greenhouse gases..) with en emphasis on the acquisition protocols in the field as well as the kind of climatic and/or environmental information than can be deduced.
Special attention is paid to the isotopic thermometer.

Examination method:

Continuous assessment in the form of bibliographical presentations (coefficient of 0.4)
A final 2-hour written exam (coefficient of 0.6)