UE Project on seismic hazard assessment

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


This module aims to teach the most recent methods and approaches for calculating the ground movements generated in the event of an earthquake, estimating the probabilistic seismic hazard, and making the transition between seismic hazard and vulnerability for the assessment of seismic risk in urban areas. Teaching will be organised in the form of a project on one of the themes mentioned above, chosen by the student. After introducing the essential concepts (wave propagation, rupture mechanisms, Green's functions, ground movement indicators used in engineering, dynamics of structures applied to seismology, seismic vulnerability, non-destructive assessment of civil engineering works), the project will involve predicting the ground movements for an earthquake scenario, the linear or non-linear response of civil engineering structures under seismic action, the detection or location of damage, or the seismic hazard and the associated uncertainties.