UE Geomechanics

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


In the geomechanics course, the principles of continuum mechanics are applied to specific problems in the Earth Sciences. The module focuses on two aspects:

- a complete course presenting the basics of geomechanics, allowing students who have never studied continuum mechanics to get up to speed;

- numerous examples of applications from real-world studies, both in geotechnics and geodynamics. A large exercise bank allows students who have already acquired the basics of mechanics to exercise themselves in data analysis and in applying the geomechanics approach on a more advanced level.

Upon completing the module, students should have a solid base in: 

- continuum mechanics:

- measuring and applying the elastic properties of materials

- using the failure criterion to assess the mechanical stability of a structure: friction and fracturing phenomena.

Evaluation :

A mid-term control counting for 50% of the final mark

A final exam counting for 50% of the final mark

Recommended prerequisite

Basic mechanics (statics and dynamics)

Basic matrix algebra and trigonometry