UE Earth Surface Dynamics

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


This course focuses on the dynamics of earth-surface processes: hill-slope, fluvial and glacial processes. Physical and mathematical models describing these processes are presented and analysed. The course also treats the measurement and analysis of erosion rates and global sediment fluxes, the tectonic and climatic controls on spatio-temporal variations in erosion rates and relief development, coupling between tectonics, surface processes and climate.

This course is taught to both M1 and M2 students, in English. It opens in odd-numbered years  (2017, 2019...).

Subjects covered:

Main concepts and a short overview of Geomorphology

Mass and Energy fluxes at the Earth's Surface

Building topography: active tectonics and geomorphic markers

Dating methods in Geomorphology

Measuring erosional fluxes at different timescales

Hill-slope processes: weathering, hill-slope erosion, landsliding

Fluvial incision and transport

Glacial processes


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