UE Basin analysis

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


This module deals with various aspects of basin analysis in the framework of lithosphere dynamics, different subsidence contexts, basin filling, concepts of stratigraphy (litho-, bio- and magnetostratigraphy, seismic stratigraphy and sequential stratigraphy), deposit environment, analyses of origin, detrital thermochronology, diagenesis in clastic, carbonate, or mixed systems.

The course is taught both in English and French (possibility for the course to be taught entirely in English in case of non-French speaking participants).

Contents of the sedimentology part of the course (24h, in English):

1. Stratigraphic concepts and sequence stratigraphy of clastic systems (de Leeuw)
2. Carbonate depositional environments and sequence stratigraphy (de Leeuw)
3. Fluid circulation and diagenesis in clastic basins (Bernet)
4. Low-temperature thermochronology and thermal histories of sedimentary basins (Bernet)
5. Provenance analysis -source to sink relationships (de Leeuw)
6. Energy resources in sedimentary basins (de Leeuw)
7. Case studies: Example on the Himalayan foreland basin source-to-sink relationships (Bernet)
8. Case studies: Student presentations on selected sedimentary basins (Bernet)

Contents of the part of the course on Lithosphere dynamics applied to sedimentary basins (12h, C. Basile, in French):

1. Introduction, refresher on basis notions of the Lithosphere

2. Rifts

3. Passive continental margins

4. Hyper-extended and magmatic margins

5. Strike-slip basins

6. Foreland basins

7 Backarc basins

8 Intraplate basins, inversion, diapirism, gravitational collapse

Contents of the practical classes on seismic interpretation:

1. Seismic acquisition and artefacts

2. Séismes stratigraphy

3-4. Sequence stratigraphy

5-6. Greenland margin

7.  Po foreland basin

8. Diapir

Knowledge assessment methods

Session 1 ou session unique - Contrôle des connaissances

Type of teaching providedMethodTypeDuration (min)Coefficient
Teaching Unit (UE) 1530%
Teaching Unit (UE) Written - supervised work12070%

Session 2 - Contrôle des connaissances

Type of teaching providedMethodTypeDuration (min)Coefficient
Teaching Unit (UE) Written - supervised work12070%