UE Physique des ondes

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An important part of Geophysics concerns the imaging of the Earth with waves. This lecture aims at providing students with a solid background of the mechanisms of wave propagation and scattering. The main concepts of wave physics are introduced from a theoretical point of view and are illustrated with various exercices and lab works. 

- Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Acoustics 

governing equations of acoustics; impedance; sound power; acoustic intensity; Poynting's vector

- Chapter 2 Acoustic ducts and waveguides

closed / open ducts; Kundt's tube; stationary wave, acoustic waveguides, dispersion; phase and group velocities

- Chapter 3 Basic signal processing for wave physics

correlation; convolution; Fourier and Laplace transforms; time-space Fourier transforms; sampling theorem

- Chapter 4 Green's functions 

causality; reciprocity; free-space Green's functions; monopoles; dipoles; integral representation of wave field

- Chapter 5 Fundamental of elastodynamics

constitutive relationships; Hooke's law; wave equation and its solutions; wave polarization; Christoffel's tensor; reflection and refraction

- Chapter 6 Single scattering

Huygen's principle; Rayleigh-Sommerfeld and Kirchhoff diffraction; Fraunhofer and Fresnel approximations 

- Chapter 7 Surface, guided and interface waves

Rayleigh wave; Love wave; Lamb waves; Scholte waves; Stoneley waves 

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Lieu(x) : Grenoble - Saint-Martin d'Hères
Langue(s) : Francais