UE Computer algebra and cryptology complementary

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The aim of this course is to give mathematical grounds of security, integrity, authentication and cryptology.


  • Binary encoding of information
  • Zn* group, field theory
  • Symetric cryptography
  • Asymetric cryptography, RSA
  • Hash, DSA
  • Lossless compression
  • Error correcting codes
  • Linear codes
  • Cyclic codes

This course include practical sessions.

Two course part, this is the part mutualised with Ensimag.


Probability, algorithmic, linear algebra, algebra

Compétences visées

Implement cryptology methods to guarantee communication security and integrity

Modalités de contrôle des connaissances

Session 2 - Contrôle de connaissances

NatureTypeNature d'évaluationDurée (min)Coeff.
UECT Ecrit ou Oral100/100

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