UE Antennas and propagation

Diplômes intégrant cet élément pédagogique :


- Antennas and free space propagation - 2 ECTS

Understanding of radiation mechanisms. Antenna as part of a system. Analysis and design methods for communly used antennas.

Content: Elementary dipole radiation. Fundamental parameters of antennas : radiation pattern, directivity and gain, input impedance. Linear antennas, Arrays, Aperture antennas. Microstrip and patch antennas. Adaptative antennas.

- Signal Integrity - Packaging - 1 ECTS

Understanding of tight and loose coupling between transmission lines. Emissivity and susceptibility of circuits. Modelling effects due to packaging.


- P. F. Combes, "Microondes, Circuits passifs, propagation, antennes", Vol. 2, éditions Dunod, 1997.

- C.A. Balanis, "Antenna theory, analysis and design", John Wiley, 1997.

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Méthode d'enseignement : En présence
Lieu(x) : Grenoble - Polygone scientifique
Langue(s) : Anglais