Master Electronique, énergie électrique, automatique

Master Electronique, énergie électrique, automatique

Parcours Multiscale and Multiphysics Modeling for Electrical Engineering (3MEE)

Présentation et objectifs

The 3MEE masters is an advanced training course on Multiscale and Multiphysics Modeling for Electrical Engineering. The curriculum focusses on numeric modeling of electromagnetic fields and complex energy systems, with a multiscale approach that goes from materials to components. It prepares students for a career in both international research and professional applications, with advanced theoretical knowledge and challenging practical applications.

With this course, students are given all the skills and methodologies they will need to thrive on a local, national, or international level. The 3MEE masters works closely with leading research laboratories (G2Elab, GIPSA, CEA), which allows students to get a first-hand experience of the research world and its methodologies. Two weeks per month, they work on research projects with advanced research equipment and professional teams. The goal is to fully prepare them for a 4 to 5-month internship than will allow them to either keep working on the same project, or discover new ones.

In the end, even if students are competent to work in many engineering and industrial fields (distribution networks students, conception of electromagnetic fields, etc.), many chose to pursue a career in research with a doctorate in the exceptional scientific environment that is Grenoble and the French Alps.



Dimension internationale :

Formation tournée vers l’international
Etablissement(s) co-accrédité(s)
  • Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble
Autres structures partenaires



    Stages, projets et missions

    Nature : Obligatoire
    Durée : 4 to 5 monts
    Lieu : En France ou à l'étranger

    One supervised project (first semester)  and an internship in an academic laboratory or industrial R&D lab(second semester).

    Contrôle des connaissances

    The grading policy comprises homeworks and lab assessments plus partial and final examinations. The grade of a module is the weighted average of the marks of each assessment, and the overall mark of the Master’s exam is the mean of module grades weighted by the credits of the modules.



    Conditions d’admission

    1st year of Master’s degree:

    The prospective student should:

    • Have completed at least three full years of University studies (180 ECTS).


    2nd year of Master’s degree:

    The prospective student should:

    • have completed at least four full years of University studies (a first year of Master's degree, bachelor or equivalent degree with 240 ECTS),
    • have followed basic classes in Electrical Engineering,
    • prove an English proficiency with CEFR (B2), TOEFL (IBT 87-109), IELTS (5.5-6.5), TOEIC (785-945) or equivalent. Students coming from English-speaking countries or/and who had a University curriculum in English are considered proficient enough. If you don't have the opportunity to take the test in your home University, an English test is organized during the first week of the classes, to check the level of everyone.

    Pour les candidats dont le pays de résidence ne relève pas du dispositif "Portail Etudes en France" (PEF), le planning des campagnes de candidatures pour l'application eCandidat est disponible ici.

    Public formation continue :

    Vous relevez de la formation continue :

    • si vous reprenez vos études après 2 ans d'interruption d'études,
    • ou si vous suiviez une formation sous le régime formation continue l’une des 2 années précédentes
    • ou si vous êtes salarié, demandeur d'emploi, travailleur indépendant.

     Si vous n'avez pas le diplôme requis pour intégrer la formation, vous pouvez entreprendre une démarche de validation des acquis personnels et professionnels (VAPP).


    Basic knowledges in electrical engineering and electromagnetism.

    Public visé

    The master 3MEE is for students wishing to acquire advanced skills in modeling for the study and analysis, design and development in electrical engineering, from the devices to power systems. It prepares students for either PhD studies or various professions in industry and public organizations.

    Et après ?

    Et après ?

    Poursuite d'études

    The natural follow-up to the Master 3MEE is the Ph.D. degree, which in turn leads to academic teaching-research or full-time research positions (in universities, research bodies, etc.) or to industrial Research and Development in the aforementioned fields.