UE Driving Experimentation in Biology

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The main objective of this module is to learn how to design, perform and interpret experiments but also to present these experiments in a written report and orally. This module develops many personal and professional skills such as reasoning expertise, analysis ability, adaptation and curiosity. It also gives students the opportunity to learn how to communicate around their scientific results and to argue their experimental choices. Beyond this main objective, this module provides an integrated and transdisciplinary vision of biology and allows students to break down the barriers of disciplinary learning and to give sense to their academic knowledge. To achieve these goals we have set up a creative pedagogy based on the use of varied and innovative strategies.

Tutoring sessions (around 3h/student) will help you to define your project, to formulate hypotheses and to design the experimental strategy. The experiments will be performed during 3 weeks of practical courses.

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Lieu(x) : Grenoble - Domaine universitaire
Langue(s) : Francais