Master Biologie

Master Biologie

Parcours Lab Science Trading (LST)

Présentation et objectifs

Scientific and professional objectives of the "Lab Science Trading" (LST) Master program

Consecutively to a 4 year training in biological sciences at the University the students beneficiate of a 1 year training in trading. They learn how to promote the scientific solutions which are proposed by French or foreign companies to their clients and users in the domains of health, environment, chemistry and in an international context.

The students are trained:

1) to understand the scientific activities of the clients (which are mainly laboratories),

2) to explain and propose the scientific and technical information to the various partners of the sale and purchasing chain (scientists; users; persons in charge of purchases; quality controllers, …).

They thus need to be trained in commercial communication in order to be able to listen, ask questions and provide adequate solutions; promote their company on the internet; adapt the markets acquisition strategies to various cultures and countries.

The first year of the “Lab Science Trading” Master program (“Molecular and Cellular Biology” program) is meant to:

1) complete the general scientific background of the enrolled students in various fields of Biology (Cell Biology, Genetics and Biochemistry) (first semester of the Master 1 program);

2) introduce the students to their specific Master 2 program by offering them specialized courses (second semester of the Master 1 program);

3) introduce the students to a research project, from its conception to its experimental undertaking and up to the report of the obtained results by an oral presentation as well as a written report (module of 18 ECTS during the first semester of the Master 1 program; internship of 2 months in a research laboratory or in a R&D laboratory from a private company);

4) allow the students to develop their written and oral skills for the search of internships and/or jobs as well as for the presentation of research projects and experimental results (mandatory modules of 3 ECTS - “Communication tools” - and 18 ECTS during the first semester of the Master 1 program, 2 month internship during the second semester).



Dimension internationale :

Formation tournée vers l’international




Conditions d’admission

 - to the first year of the Master's degree in Biology (Molecular and Cellular Biology program): if you have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Sciences or are enrolled in the final semester of a Bachelor’s program in Sciences in France, you are eligible to apply for the first year of the Master’s degree in Biology. 

- to the second year of the Master's degree in Biology: to be eligible to apply, you should have completed (or you should be enrolled in) a first year of a Master’s degree  in Sciences, i.e. you should have validated  60 ETCS of a Master’s degree in Sciences by the end of the current academic year.

Candidates from a foreign University, please see more information on the following website:

An interview will be proposed to the applicants to the first and second year of the Master’s degree in Biology in order to test their motivation.


Public formation continue :

Continuous education:
Students fall under the continuous education scheme if they:
- go back to studies after an interruption of two years or more,
- did follow a continuous education programme during one of the two previous years,
- are employees, independent entrepreneurs or registered as job seekers.

In case you do not have the required diploma, you might initiate the accreditation of personal and professional experience (VAPP).



Vous souhaitez candidater et vous inscrire ?

Sachez que la procédure diffère selon le diplôme envisagé, le diplôme obtenu, ou le lieu de résidence pour les étudiants étrangers.

Laissez-vous guider simplement en suivant ce lien :  

3 campagnes de candidature sont organisées pour le Master 2 Lab Science Trading

Campagne 1 :

  • Ouverture de campagne sur e-candidat : Du 05 au 25 mars 2018 inclus

Campagne 2 :

  • Ouverture de campagne sur e-candidat : Du 03 au 22 avril 2018 inclus

Campagne 3 :

Ouverture de campagne sur e-candidat : Du 23 avril au 13 mai 2018 inclus

Et après ?

Et après ?

Poursuite d'études

The students who enroll in the “Lab Science Trading” Master program are usually highly motivated to graduate from their Master degree and then begin their professional career: continuing with another formation after the graduation thus remains exceptional.

Graduating from the “Lab Science Trading” Master program leads to a career as a product manager, sale manager, community manager, sale representative application engineer. It can also lead to a job in sale communication, customer services, sales support, …

Secteurs d'activité

Métiers visés par la formation :

Commercial, Responsable de zone, Responsable produits, Responsable commercial, Communication, relations clients, Community Manager, Ingénieur application, Support aux ventes…