UE Immunity against cancers

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Immune responses against cancers occur and erase most of the developing tumors. Unfortunately, some cancers escape the spontaneous immune responses we are mounting to become a clinical challenge.  Lectures will be devoted to detail what is currently tested in tumor immunotherapy to control or cure developing tumors. A parallel with immunological responses against infectious agents will be made. Lectures will be given by local and external researchers susceptible to host Master 2 students during their internship. The program is susceptible to change depending on the availability of invited speakers.

Tutorials will be in the form of oral presentations aimed at summarizing previous lectures and performed by students. These presentations will constitute the mid-term evaluation.

Compétences visées

* Knowledge in the state of the art in tumor immunotherapy.

* A know-how in presenting key messages from a scientific lecture related to the field in English.

Informations complémentaires

Langue(s) : Anglais