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General presentation of the Master's degree

The Master's degree in Biology is axed around the main domains of biomedical research in Grenoble.

The first year of the Master’s degree, i.e.  the Master 1 program named Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) opens to the 7 following Master 2: programs  

- the  "Immunology, Microbiology, Infectious Diseases” (IMID) program;

- the  "Integrative Structural Biology" (ISB) program;

- the  "Neurobiology- Neurosciences" (NN) program;

- the  "Physiology, Epigenetics, Development, Cell Differentiation” (PhEDD) program;

- the  "Biologie et Techniques de commercialisation" (BioTechCo) program (taught in French) ;

- the  "Lab Science Trading" (LST) program;

- the  "Pro2Bio" program (taught partly in French and partly in English).


Objectives : Students graduating from the Master’s degree in Biology can look forward to gaining job opportunities throughout the public and private sector, as well as in research settings in various fields of Biology such as cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, infectious diseases, neurosciences, physiology, epigenetics, development, biochemistry, structural biology.

The programs Pro2Bio, BioTechCo and Lab Science Trading open to careers as biomedical engineers (Pro2Bio) and sale engineers (BioTechCo and Lab Science Trading).

Conditions d'admission

Admission requirements :

First year Master's degree: If you have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Science or are enrolled in the final semester of a Bachelor’s programme in Science, you are eligible to apply for the Master’s degree in Biology. 

Second year Master's degree: to be eligible to apply you should have completed, or be enrolled in a first year of a Master programme in Science, and totalize 60 ETCS.

Candidates from a foreign university : see more information here :

An interview will be proposed to the applicants to the first and second year of the Master’s degree in Biology in order to test their motivation.


Public formation continue :

Continuous education:
Students fall under the continuous education scheme if they:
- go back to studies after an interruption of two years or more,
- did follow a continuous education programme during one of the two previous years,
- are employees, independent entrepreneurs or registered as job seekers.

In case you do not have the required diploma, you might initiate the accreditation of personal and professional experience (VAPP).


Vous souhaitez candidater et vous inscrire ?

Sachez que la procédure diffère selon le diplôme envisagé, le diplôme obtenu, ou le lieu de résidence pour les étudiants étrangers.

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