Master Management et administration des entreprises

Master Management et administration des entreprises

Parcours International manager 2e année

Présentation et objectifs

Globalization creates new challenges for corporate management. It increases the complexity of organizations' environment, and therefore the complexity of their strategies and operations. This requires new types of managers who are able to lead teams and organizations across distances and varied national contexts, act in ever-changing environments, foresee changes, identify opportunities wherever they arise, and balance multiple cultural expectations. These global managers, who face new and increasingly challenging global situations, must develop specific skills and capabilities.

Adopting a multidisciplinary approach and multicultural emphasis, the Master International Manager (MIM) is dedicated to students with a background in management who want to prepare themselves for an international career. The program is designed to help them develop hard and soft skills within an international dimension. Using the main pillars of international corporate management (international finance and accounting, international economics, international marketing, international human resources, etc.), the program first aims at mastering core business disciplines and gaining a real understanding of global business issues. In addition, the program enables students to develop intercultural competences. It fosters their ability to select and analyze relevant information, make decisions, initiate actions, cope with pressure, gain perspective, practice innovation.

Dedicated to students with a background in economics or management, the Master International Manager program adopts a global focus on international business. With an international class (around 20 different nationalities represented on average), an international faculty of academics and business executives, extremely varied projects and assignments (global business game, international start-up project, long-term internship), the MIM program is both an intense and enjoyable experience.



Chiffres clés

Class Profile based on data from 2012 to 2015

25-30 students per class
55% of the students have significant work experience
60% are female, 40% are male
27 average age of participants [age ranges from 21 to 43]
37 nationalities
Breakdown by global regions:

  • Europe (outside of France): 16%
  • France: 22%
  • Africa: 13%
  • Asia: 30%
  • North America: 6%
  • South America: 13%




Conditions d’admission

Public formation continue :

Vous relevez de la formation continue :

  • si vous reprenez vos études après 2 ans d'interruption d'études,
  • ou si vous suiviez une formation sous le régime formation continue l’une des 2 années précédentes
  • ou si vous êtes salarié, demandeur d'emploi, travailleur indépendant.

 Si vous n'avez pas le diplôme requis pour intégrer la formation, vous pouvez entreprendre une démarche de validation des acquis personnels et professionnels (VAPP).

Public visé

Students in the International Management Master's degree come from all walks of life, such as finance, marketing or management disciplines as well the sciences (engineering sciences, mathematics, computing) or humanities. Some also already have a significant professional experience.
For the most part, admitted students are foreigners, some coming from our partner universities in Brazil, China and Russia. Enrolled French students are recruited both on a regional and national level. In all, almost all the world's continents are represented.

Et après ?

Et après ?

Secteurs d'activité

Career options for this program are extremely varied. They depend mostly on students first-degrees and professional career plans.

Possible career openings include :
- Exports Manager: supervising a sales team in a specific geographical area, in line with the firm's export and sales policy and the local market regulations, managing the sales forces, analyzing local markets to define export strategies.
- International Business Engineer: in technical field, includes Budget management, preparing cost estimates and financial reporting as well as supervising sub-contracting or outsourcing and managing a project to completion.
- Head of or assistant to the Marketing Department: fieldwork to prospect new markets or in Companies' export departments, developing relations with suppliers and customers.
- Consultant in International Development: advising on the development and implementation of companies' international schemes, analyzing a company's global presence and its capacity to export, defining geographical targets and strategic actions.