Corporate social responsability

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This course aims at :

  1. Developing an interest in the corporate world from a ‘social responsibility perspective.'
  2. Evaluating whether organizations should diversify and expand their focus from serving stockholders to diverse stakeholders (i.e. environment, women, minorities).
  3. Asking and attempting to answer complex questions without arriving at simple solutions. Questions include the obligations that businesses have to the societies in which they operate and whether (and if so, under what conditions) can the interests of corporations and their outside stakeholders be aligned.
  4. Teaching the students the meaning of CSR, its definitions, how to map out stakeholders, how to combine ethics and corporate behavior, how to conduct perfomance evaluations and reporting, the impact of globalization and strategies for CSR, the roles and styles of leadership for successful CSR.
  5. Engaging students in discussions of CSR using real world examples of corporations (i.e. BNP, AirFrance, Coke, Starbucks, Honda, Nike, Allianz etc).
  6. Interactive exchanges in written and Oral forms to allow students to develop skills that they can use as future managers, employees or victims of corporations.

Informations complémentaires

Lieu(x) : Grenoble - Domaine universitaire, Valence - Briffaut
Langue(s) : Francais