Training in teaching French as a foreign language (FLE-FLS)

Training in teaching French as a foreign language (FLE-FLS)

Initial training course in teaching french as a foreign language (FIFLE)

Presentation and goals

Do you want to train to become an FLE teacher? Do you want to follow the “Language teaching, FLES route” Masters at UGA or another university*?

* The CUEF training is recognised in several universities in France; for more information, contact the university of your choice.

The course content is organised around the following areas:

  • FLE methodology approach
  • Initiation in linguistics
  • Contextualisation of the experience of learning a completely new language
  • Pragmatic reflection on the grammar and vocabulary
  • Observation of CUEF classes


Registration and scholarships

Registration and scholarships


Please send your application via mail to

Registration is with Maryse PECHOUX: cuef-formation-expertise @