UE Solid state physics 2: electronic structure

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This course focuses on the electronic properties of periodic solids: band structure (free-electron and tight-binding models) and electronic instabilities (metal-insulator transition, concept of superconductivity)

- Chap. I: Review of the Sommerfeld model for free electrons, periodic systems, reciprocal space and Bloch functions

- Chap II: Electronic structures of periodic systems: nearly-free-electron model, effective mass, tight-binding model, with examples

- Chap III: Metal-insulator transition, role of correlations and disorder (introduction). Peierls transition and charge-density waves

- Chap IV: Quantum properties of phonons, electron-phonon interaction, concept of superconductivity


This course is intended for students who have followed an introductory course in solid-state physics (Sommerfeld model, density of states of free electrons, Fermi level)


Physique des solides par N.W.Aschroft et N.D.Mermin ou Introduction to solid state physics by C.Kittel