UE Subsurface modelling

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


In this module, taught in the form of short courses and a large proportion of practical assignments, students will learn to use subsurface modelling software (applications such as "Move" or "Gocad"). This way of representing the subsurface has become the industry standard, fully supplanting 2D geological maps, and it is essential for Master students to know how to use these tools. In addition, the software developers make them available to universities at a very low cost. The practical assignments will benefit from the new digital mapping facilities currently being installed (with support from the OSUG@2020 excellence laboratory). We will begin by seeking external speakers to develop this module.

Knowledge assessment methods

Session 1 or single session - Knowledge testing

Type of teaching providedMethodTypeDuration (min)Coefficient
Teaching Unit (UE)CC Oral - presentation2040%
Teaching Unit (UE)CT Ecrit - rapport60%