UE Process engineering

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


The goal of this course is to study two different domains of process engineering : business processes engineering and process mining.

First will be presented the Business Process Management approach, that focuses on improving corporate performance by managing and optimising a company's business processes. The OMG standard for Business Process Modeling, the BPMN language, will be studied from a practical perspective, and a project will be lead on a Business Process Management System (BonitaBPM (http://www.bonitasoft.com/)) allowing modelling and execution of a business process.

Then, the novel approach of Process Mining will be presented. Process mining aims at extracting information from event logs to capture the business process as it is being executed. The goal is to extract non trivial and useful information from process execution logs also called audit trails, or transaction logs. Process Mining makes possible the derivation of the model of the processes of the activity based on the traces left by the users in the information system supporting the activity.




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