Master in Computer science

Master in Computer science

Computer engineering block-release 2nd year

Presentation and goals

The Computer engineering programme is a vocational training course in the field of general software engineering. The course focuses on the mastery of computer engineering methods and tools and offers specialization in the following areas : human-machine interaction, distributed and embedded systems as well as database and information systems. Training exists in two forms but with the same shared lessons (except for two teaching units): 

  • One for the classical student (status of intern during his/her presence in the company)
  • The other in block-release (for an apprenticeship contract, a contract for professionalization, and a contract to provide professional training)



Programme strengths

Since its creation in 1984, the quality of the training has been based on a team of teachers who are experts in the fields covered: this specificity of the training has allowed it to become established in particular within the industrial fabric of Grenoble. This point greatly favours the professional integration of our students (for example, 10 block-release students out of 12 were hired on a permanent basis immediately at the end of the training in August 2015) : the degree is recognized for its quality.

International dimension :

Internationally-oriented programmes

Targeted skills

Science Technologies Health

Expertise : Mastery of computer engineering methods and tools



Practica, projects, and missions

Block-release placement

Registration and scholarships

Registration and scholarships

Entrance requirements

The second year master's is accessible to candidates according to their transcripts (and/or interview):

  • having validated the first year of a compatible course
  • or by validation of studies or acquired experience according to the conditions determined by the university or the training

Public continuing education : You are in charge of continuing education :

  • if you resume your studies after 2 years of interruption of studies
  • or if you followed a formation under the regime formation continues one of the 2 preceding years
  • or if you are an employee, job seeker, self-employed

If you do not have the diploma required to integrate the training, you can undertake a validation of personal and professional achievements (VAPP)


Would you like to apply and register ? Please note that the procedure differs depending on the degree, the diploma obtained, or the place of residence for foreign students.

  • You are a non-EU citizen, resident in (you live in one of these countries) :

Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Egypt, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Russia, Senegal, South Korea, Syria, Taiwan, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam.

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And after

And after

Vocational placement

In the 2014-2015 survey, 18 respondent graduates were in the labour market (employment+research). Of these, 94% were employed 30 months after graduation.