UE Neurological bases of the behaviors

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


This course will allow a better understanding of the anatomical, neurochemical, neurobiological and neurophysiological basis of normal and pathological behaviors (anxiety, addiction, stress). This course will contain the following lectures:

-Neurotransmission in the central nervous system: basis and main systems (lectures, 13h)

-Functional neuro-anatomy of the cerebral cortex (lecture, 3h)

-Interest of the functional neuro-imagery in the study of behaviors (lecture, 4h; tutorial, 2h)

-EEG: a tool for the study of the awake/sleep behavior (tutorial, 2h)

-Study of the neurobiological basis of the behavior: behavioral tests in human and animal (tutorial, 2h)

-Study and neurobiological model of the emotional processing (lecture, 4h)

-Physiopathology of anxiety, stress and depression (lecture, 3h)

-Neurobiology of drug addiction (lectures, 7h)

-Alterations in visuo-spatial orientation and obsessive-compulsive disorders (lecture, 2h)

-Behavioral tests in animal (practical, 4h)

Targeted skills

Targeted skills:

To obtain a good understanding of the neurobiological and neurophysiological systems underlying several emotions and behaviors (addiction, stress, motivation) in human beings and animals.