UE High throughput in biology

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :



  • Epigenomics ;
  • Metagenomics ;
  • Phylogenomics ;
  • Chemogenomics.



  • Proteogenomics ;
  • Expression proteomics ;
  • Interaction proteomics ;
  • Structural proteomics.


Bioinformatics Tools.

Targeted skills

After completion of this course, students should:

  1. Know the basic methodology and some advanced techniques used for high throughput in vitro small molecule drug discovery;
  2. Comprehend approaches and statistical methods used for assay optimization and validation;
  3. Be able to compare and contrast different methods used for the discovery of biomarkers and validation;
  4. Have in-depth knowledge acquired through independent investigation of one key technology used for drug or biomarker discovery;
  5. Be able to present this knowledge in oral and written form.