Master in Corporate management and administration

The programme offers the following course(s)


Three training programmes are available, all of them espousing a twin qualification dynamic:

- Manager - Twin Qualification,

- Business Administration, 

- International Manager. The Twin Qualification Manager and Business Administration programmes are general courses that differ in the language in which the courses are given. The final programme offers a twin qualification based on the international aspects of management. It is therefore also given in the English language.


The objective of the MAE
Master's, the IAE's flagship degree, is to provide training in managerial
competencies to students and/or executives already recognised for their
specialist scientific, technical or legal skills etc. gained through initial
3rd year undergraduate or 1st year Master's education or in the fields of: Law, Economics, Management.

2nd year Master's. The Twin Qualification Manager programme is part and parcel
of this objective and is intended to train directors or executives whose
careers destine them for senior positions, concentrating somewhat on the French
context. The Business Administration programme provides a different take on the
previous programme but, this time, in an English-speaking context, which is
intended to train directors or executives whose careers destine them for senior
positions in an international environment. Finally, open to the issues of the
international firm, the International Manager programme prepares students for
management functions in international groups or the international departments
of firms, providing training that incorporates the international dimension of
managing organisations. Irrespective of the programme, graduates of the MAE
Master's are well equipped for a broad range of positions and business sectors
matching their original training and are widely represented among general
management and marketing functions.

Entrance requirements

Public continuing education:

You are in charge of continuing education:
• if you resume your studies after 2 years of interruption of studies,
• or if you followed training under the continuous training regime one of the previous 2 years
• or if you are an employee, job seeker, self-employed.

If you do not have the diploma required to integrate the training, you can undertake a validation of personal and professional achievements (VAPP).