UE Participatory project management

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


Mastering the different steps of Project Cycle Mangement (PCM) is a must for future development practitionners.This course aims at familiarising the students with basic PCM concepts, including Monitoring and Evaluation as well Logical Frameworks (Logframes). Special attention will be given to participatory approaches, ensuring participation of the stakeholders at all stages of the project cycle and aiming at local ownership, accountability and empowerment in order to enhance sustainable development.


Solid background in social sciences

Targeted skills

At the end of the workshop, participants
• understand principles and elements of Project Cycle Management (PCM) and the Logframe Approach;
• know how to formulate indicators for planning and monitoring;
• know basics of results orientation;
• know about participatory project management approaches and the challenges to put them into practice in development cooperation.