UE Physics beyond the standard model



A. Introduction to string theory 

I. Motivation

II. Classical point particle and classical string (relativistic point particle, bosonic string)

III. Quantisation (point particle, bosonic string, string spectrum, open and closed strings)

IV. Interactions (introduction, vertex operators, examples, Veneziano amplitude)

V. Compactifications, duality and branes (compactifications, T-duality, branes)

 B. Introduction to supersymmetry

I. Introduction: Why physics beyond the standard model?

II. Supersymmetry III. Supersymmetric Lagrangians 

C. Introduction to quantum field theory in curved spacetime

I. Review of general relativity

II. Review of quantum field theory

III. Concepts of positive and negative frequencies

IV. Lagrangian in curved spacetime

V. Bologiubov transformation

VI. Hawking effect


M. Green, J. Schwarz, E. Witten: Superstring Theory, Cambridge University Press, 1988B. Zwiebach, A First Course in String Theory, Cambridge University Press, 2004R. Szabo, Introduction to String Theory and D-Brane Dynamics, Imperial College Press, 2004


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