UE Superconductivity



This course provides an introduction to superconductivity, and is based on the following plan:

- Chap. I: Fundamental properties, history, superconducting materials

- Chap II: Electromagnetic properties of superconductors: London model, penetration length, surface enthalpy

- Chap III: Thermodynamic properties of superconductors: Ginzburg-Landau model, coherence length, flow quantisation, critical fields

- Chap IV: Josephson effect, SQUIDs

- Chap V: Mixed state of type-II superconductors, experimental determination, vortex structure

- Chap VI: Microscopic model: elements of BCS theory, electron-photon coupling, Cooper pairs, superconducting gap

- Chap VII: superconductors today, unconventional systems and open questions


Classes in electromagnetism, Maxwell equations, thermodynamics, concepts of elasticity, solid-state physics (electronic properties and phonons)


Supraconductivité par P.Mangin et R.Kahn or any other introductory work on superconductivity


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