Master in Biology

Master in Biology

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The first year of the Master’s degree, i.e.  the Master 1 program named Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) opens to the 7 following Master 2: programs  

- the  "Immunology, Microbiology, Infectious Diseases” (IMID) program;

- the  "Integrative Structural Biology" (ISB) program;

- the  "Neurobiology- Neurosciences" (NN) program;

- the  "Physiology, Epigenetics, Development, Cell Differentiation” (PhEDD) program;

- the  "Biologie et Techniques de commercialisation" (BioTechCo) program (taught in French) ;

- the  "Lab Science Trading" (LST) program;

- the  "Pro2Bio" program (taught partly in French and partly in English).




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Access conditions

Continuous education:

Students fall under the continuous education scheme if they:
- go back to studies after an interruption of two years or more,
- did follow a continuous education programme during one of the two previous years,
- are employees, independent entrepreneurs or registered as job seekers.

In case you do not have the required diploma, you might initiate the accreditation of personal and professional experience (VAPP).


Do you want to apply and sign up for a course?

Please be aware that the procedure differs depending on the diploma you want to take, the diploma you have already obtained and, for foreign students, your place of residence.

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