Master in Marketing and sales

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The Master's in Marketing and Sales at Grenoble IAE is a resolutely generalist master's programme in the sense that the various directions it follows collectively target a broad range of marketing jobs. Each second year Master's programme, on the other hand, specialises in a specific type of employment opportunity:

-  The "Quanti" programme: Market Research Professions: recently endorsed by Syntec Etudes, this programme is already broadly in phase with the expectations of firms in the sector. The fast-moving changes in the profession, linked to the development of "big data", have nonetheless meant our having to adjust the programme accordingly. The professions targeted are therefore traditionally research managers with the advertiser, research companies, more marginally, product managers or market managers, and increasingly, project managers, data analysts, web analysts, and data and big data managers;

- Brand Marketing Engineering: this is the most generalist programme. It is based on the current specialisation in Marketing Engineering and concentrates on brand management in small and medium-sized enterprises or in major groups (product manager, brand manager, commercial sector manger, etc.);

- Digital Communication and Marketing: this programme, available only as a sandwich programme, acknowledges the growing importance of the Internet, social networking and digital media in the communication business and will very markedly enhance students' competencies in these fields. The professions targeted are: internal and/or external communication manager, communication project manager in agencies, marketing and communication manager, community manager, web communication manager, etc.;

- Digital Marketing and E-Business: this generalist programme in digital marketing is intended to train future managers in "e-business" activities (web marketing strategy, e- and/or m-business; e-CRM & online reputation; search engine marketing) and, more specifically, targets the professions of e-marketing operation manager, affiliation and partnership manager, web/e-business project manager, web marketing analyst, traffic manager, e-CRM loyalty manager, e-business/e-marketing/e-commerce manager, digital manager, etc.;

- Research and consultancy in marketing: this is intended to provide training in the research professions (researcher, research professor, director of studies and/or research in business) and marketing consultant. In comparison with the current specialisation, this programme takes a slightly different approach to becoming more professional, incorporating the broad skills base common to all master's degrees (training in an entrepreneurial "attitude", soft skills (Cf details below)), putting greater emphasis on training in analysis and consultancy and making a work term compulsory.

Access conditions

Continuing Education Audience:

You come under continuing education:

  • If you resume your studies after a 2-year break;
  • Or if you have taken a training programme under the continuing education scheme in one of the previous two years;
  • Or if you are a salaried employee, a job seeker, a freelance worker.

If you do not have the formal qualification required to join the programme, you can apply for a validation of prior personal and professional experience.