University degree Solidarity gateway B2 objectives (PASS B2)

Presentation and goals

The DU "Solidarity gateway - B2 objective" (PASS B2) is part of the solidarity scheme for refugee students set up within the UGA and the COMUE of Grenoble, launched by the Grenoble university community's commitment in September 2015:

"honouring its commitments, the university wants to assume its full social role based on its training, research, integration and cultural dissemination missions. By learning French, student refugees or asylum seekers can avoid dropping out of the academic world and society as a whole."

This intensive training in language, culture and university methodology is a gateway to French university and enables any student who has had to interrupt their previous studies to gain the linguistic, cultural and methodological prerequisites to return to higher education studies in France.

Disciplinary content In addition to perfecting the language and learning about French culture, this 8 month long DU targets the acquisition of methodological university prerequisites and insertion into the university curriculum, allowing students who have had their studies interrupted due to migration to be reintegrated straight into a higher education and research course in France.

Education in general French, French for academic purposes, conversation and speaking activities, over an academic year, according to the following processes:

  • 439 hours of education, excluding cultural and tutoring activities, spread out in the following way:
  • 391 hours delivered by the CUEF: o 240 hours of French language,
  • 82 hours of French for academic purposes,
  • 21 hours of French culture (“French life and society” class),
  • 48 workshop hours organised by a Master 2 placement student in French as a foreign language (FLES) education science.
  • 48 hours delivered by other departments: on the basis of voluntary work from departments, the students integrate 2 course units (2x24 hours) into the second term in the speciality of their choice, in agreement with the teachers of the host department.

This DU targets the acquisition of linguistic, cultural and methodological skills relating to level B2 of the CEFR, with the immediate goal of being able to get back into a study curriculum, for students aged between 18 and 28 years old holding a baccalaureate or an equivalent qualification.



Programme strengths

The students will benefit from tutoring ensured by students on the French as a foreign language (FLES) education science masters.

Registration and scholarships

Registration and scholarships

Entrance requirements

Subject to application and interview from an admissions board made up of representatives from the CUEF of Grenoble.

Recruitment level Initial education for refugee students or asylum seekers, who have obtained the baccalaureate or any equivalent qualification justifying the pre-requisites required to join university. Students must have validated level A1 of the CEFR, in other words, at the least be in the process of acquiring level A2.

Any asylum seeker student who has obtained the refugee status, aged 18 to 28 years old.

Target group



And after

And after

Further studies

A B2 level validation test will be incorporated into the final assessment in order to allow for integration into a course of study at the university.