Panorama of world literature lecture

Degrees incorporating this pedagocial element :


This course offers reading of works from world literature, from antiquity to today, in translation, for adults or for youth. The aim is to open up to European and non-European literatures by placing them in their respective historical and cultural contexts. The course provides the basic knowledge to approach texts belonging to different genres and literary movements and to learn about the comparatist approach (study the relations of influence, the parallels).

Targeted skills

Preparation for personal reading of foreign texts.

-Information on different historical, cultural and artistic contexts.

-Notions based on certain literary genres, enlightened by the discovery of different civilizations

-Matching works in relation to each other (parallels, relations of influence ...) and in this way initiation to the comparative approach

-Have to use the notes of an edition

- Taking notes in progress and texts

-Appropriation of a course

-Reinvesting a course in personal reading

-Write: Know how to read instructions, return simple or explained foreign terms in class, write precise and concise answers


It is given from the first class and if possible at the time of registration, depending on the works on the program

Knowledge assessment methods

Session 1 or single session - Knowledge testing

Type of teaching providedMethodTypeDuration (min)Coefficient
Teaching Unit (UE)2 CC Written - supervised work30

Session 2 - Knowledge testing

Type of teaching providedMethodTypeDuration (min)Coefficient
Teaching Unit (UE)CT Written - supervised work60