Advanced certification in French language (DALF)

Presentation and goals

 All the tests have been designed within the action orientated approach of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which defines the users of a language as social actors needing to accomplish tasks (which are not only language related) in a given environment and circumstances, within a specific, personal, public, educational or professional area.

These exams rely on the knowledge, expertise, interpersonal skills and learning ability that lie within the skills of communicating linguistically, sociolinguistically and pragmatically. The application of this skill in the carrying out of varied language activities may involve understanding, expression, interaction and mediation.

This outline has shaped the creation of exams that therefore, for each level, systematically come under the four skills, giving, depending on the levels, a greater or lesser significant place to interaction and mediation. A mark greater than or equal to 50/100 is required to obtain the diploma.

Enrolment dates for the DALF (Diploma in Advanced French) offered by the CUEF

Enrolment from 16/10 to 27/10/2017 --> exam from 13/12 to 22/12/2017

Enrolment from 26/03 to 06/04/2018 --> exam from 14/05 to 24/05/2018